Environmentally Friendly

All our beds use plantation grown wood. The trees are trimmed creating small tight knots and straight timber. When the trees are harvested, seedlings are planted.

Typical construction is with dowels. Mortise and Tenon construction adds considerable strength.

Superior Construction

Mortise and Tenon joinery, glued and reinforced with screws at junctions of post and cross board. Creates maximum stability.

Reducing our Carbon foot print

2022 is our first year with a 92 panel solar array designed to provide all of our electricity needs, powering the office and 150,000 square foot warehouse. A step toward helping the environment.

Embossed Grain

Our unique dimensional Embossing on solid wood that begs to be touched. A base white finish with hand rubbed gray highlights.

Brushed Grain

Our wire brushed finish brings out the natural grain of the solid wood. Available in Gray.

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