Platform beds

  Platform beds - Mattress ready - No metal bed frame - No box foundation


  Platform beds provide better value than a metal bed frame, box foundation and basic head board. Platform beds can use Under Bed Chests or a twin Trundle. Slats are included, all platform beds larger than twin have a center support beam with two legs. Space under the side rail is 11.3” providing generous drawer space and allowing up to a 9” mattress on the trundle bed.

  Please look at the pictures below for details of our class leading center support beam which attaches to a bracket at the foot of the bed for maximum strength.  Each leg is secured with a dowel and lag bolt. Solid quiet support.

  The dimensions and available colors of all platform beds are located under the pictures at the bottom of this page.


Dimensions: H x W x D

Salem Platform bed twin: 43.25”x42.5”x80” birch (due end April)

Salem Platform bed full: 43.25”x57.5”x80” birch (due end April)

Salem Platform bed queen: 43.25”x63.5”x85” birch (due end April)

Salem Platform bed king: 43.25”x79.5”x85” birch (due end April)

Kingston Platform bed twin:  39”x43”x77.5” chestnut, gray

Kingston Platform bed full: 39”x58”x77.5”  chestnut

Kingston Platform bed queen: 39”x64”x82.5” chestnut

York Platform bed twin: 43.25”x42.5”x78” gray, chestnut

York Platform bed XL twin: 43.25”x42.5”x83” gray, chestnut

York Platform bed full: 43.25”x57.5”x78” gray, chestnut

York Platform bed queen: 43.25”x63.5”x83” gray, chestnut

York Platform bed king: 43.25”x79.5”x83” gray

Newport as a complete bed twin: 42.25”x44”x84” gray, chestnut

Newport as a complete bed full: 42.25”x59”x84” gray, chestnut

Newport as a complete bed queen: 44.25”x65”x89” gray, chestnut

Venice Platform bed twin: 17”x42”x77” espresso

Venice Platform bed XL twin: 17”x42”x82” espresso

Venice Platform bed full: 17”x57”x77” espresso

Venice Platform bed queen: 17”x63”x82” espresso

Venice Platform bed king: 17”x79”x82” espresso

Berkeley Platform bed twin: 39”x42"x77” espresso, pecan

Berkeley Platfrom bed full:  39”x57”x77” espresso, pecan

Berkekey Platform bed queen: 39”x63”x82” espresso, pecan

Milan Platform bed twin: 40.5”x42”x77” espresso

Milan Platform bed XL twin: 40.5”x42”x82” espresso

Milan Platform bed full: 40.5”x57”x77” espresso

Milan Platform bed queen: 40.5”x63”x82” espresso

Milan Platform bed king: 40.5”x79”x82” espresso

Del Rey as complete bed twin: 42.25”x44”x84” espresso, pecan, white

Del Rey as complete bed full: 42.25”x59”x84” espresso, pecan, white

Del Rey as complete bed queen: 44.25”x65”x89” espresso, pecan, white

Cheyenne Platform bed twin: 17.5”x42”x80” pecan

Cheyenne Platform bed XL twin: 17.5”x43”x85” pecan

Cheyenne Platform bed full: 17.5”x58”x 80” pecan

Cheyenne Platform bed queen: 17.5”x64”x 85” pecan

Cheyenne Platform bed king: 17.5”x80”x85” pecan

Laguna Platform bed twin: 42.25”x43”x80” pecan

Laguna Platform bed XL twin: 42.25”x43”x85” pecan

Laguna Platform bed full: 42.25”x58”x80” pecan

Laguna Platform bed queen: 42.25”x 64”x85” pecan

Laguna Platform bed king: 42.25”x80”x85” pecan

Orleans Platform bed king: 42.75”x80”x85” pecan