This collection has a unique Deep Brushed Enhanced Grain surface that makes the wood come to life showing the texture of the woods grain. Check out the pictures below to see platform beds and bunk beds. All share the option of under bed chests or trundle and matching case goods.

Case Good features:

* Construced from solid wood, plantation grown.

* Oversized 1" thick solid wood side panels on all case structures.

* Fully assembled. Just screw on the knobs.

* Premium side mounted Euro Rollers with built in safety stop.

* Recessed plywood back for increased strength.

* Plywood drawer bottom.

* Metal drawer knobs.

* Anti-Tip restraint for Five drawer chest.

Under bed options:

* Under Bed Chests T/F

* Under Bed Chests Wide Q/K

* Twin Trundle

 The dimensions of the Chestnut Collection are located under the pictures at the bottom of this page.


Dimensions: H x W x D

Kingston Platform bed twin:  39”x43”x77.5” Chestnut, Gray

Kingston Platform bed full: 39”x58”x77.5”  Chestnut, Gray

Kingston Platform bed queen: 39”x64”x82.5” Chestnut, Gray

York Platform bed twin: 43.25”x42.5”x78” Chestnut, Gray

York Platform bed XL twin: 43.25”x42.5”x83” Chestnut, Gray

York Platform bed full: 43.25”x57.5”x78” Chestnut, Gray

York Platform bed queen: 43.25”x63.5”x83” Chestnut, Gray

York Platform bed king: 43.25”x79.5”x83” Chestnut, Gray

Cambridge bunk bed T/T with Short ladder: 66.25”x83”x42” Chestnut, Gray

Cambridge bunk bed T/F with Short ladder: 66.25”x83”x57” Chestnut, Gray

Cambridge bunk bed T/T with Staircase: 66.25”x101”x42” Chestnut, Gray

Cambridge bunk bed T/F with Staircase: 66.25”x101”x57” Chestnut, Gray

Night Stand 22”X22”X17” Chestnut, Gray

Five Drawer Chest 45”x33”x17” Chestnut, Gray

Double Dresser six drawers 30”x55”x17" Chestnut, Gray

Mirror 39”x31.5”x2” Chestnut, Gray

UBC T/F: (2) 12”x37”x21” Chestnut, Gray

UBC Wide Q/K: (2) 12”x39.5”x21” Chestnut, Gray

Trundle T: 11”x74.25”x41” Chestnut, Gray